You have heard by now that most banks started charging monthly fees for Checking Accounts?

At WFD Credit Union, you have unlimited free checking with no minimum balance requirement. Deposits can be made through payroll deduction, direct deposit and electronic funds transfer, with overdraft protection available (on approval).

• NO monthly service fee
• NO minimum balance required
• FREE bill payer
• FREE online banking and phone teller services
• FREE direct deposit
• UNLIMITED check writing

Debit/Check Card is FREE as well!

Replace your checks with the convenience of plastic that withdraws directly from your checking account. Use at any location that displays a VISA logo for point-of-sale purchases, or at any ATM that displays the VISA, NYCE or PLUS logos.


Convenience has a new name: MoneyPass®
The coast-to-coast, surcharge-free ATM network


WFDCU recently became part of the MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATM network. MoneyPass already has 22,000 ATM's coast to coast-and the network continues to grow. Since each and every MoneyPass ATM is surcharge-free, you won't worry about paying a fee to access your money.

Finding the MoneyPass ATM location nearest you is easy: Simply visit to access the MoneyPass ATM locator and find surcharge-free ATMs near you. For even greater convenience, you can access the mobile MoneyPass website at and download locator apps for your iPhone or Droid. If you have a WFDCU debit card, you’re ready to go. If you don’t, apply for one today by visiting the WFDCU.



The financial health of your Credit Union is, as always, on solid ground. And your funds are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the federal agency that administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). The NCUSIF, like the FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund, is a federal insurance fund backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. Recently the amount of free insurance coverage on your funds was raised to $250,000 on savings.


WFD Credit Union is a member of the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC). The MSIC now fully insures excess shares and deposits above the federal limit of $250,000.

Please view our savings rates HERE.


WFD Credit Union CD rate are one of the highest in the country!

A high-yield savings option with a guaranteed fixed rate of return. Your rate is locked in when it is opened - eliminating the volatility inherent in other investments. Rate is locked in when account is opened or rolled over.

• Available in terms of 6,12,18, 24 and 36 months
• Deposit requirements start as low as $1,000. Minimum balance on all Certificates is $1,000.00.

Please view our rates HERE.


VEHICLE LOANS (New and Used Auto, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats)

Whether you are looking at a brand new or used car, WFDCU offers great rates, starting at 3.75% APR, which are often more competitive than dealer financing. For new, used or even refinanced loans from other lenders it pays to look into WFD CU’s loans first.

Our rates are extremely competitive for all other vehicles categories, starting at 5% APR, including RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers and Mobile Homes.

Please click HERE to view all vehicle rates.


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With college costs growing fast, it's time to borrow smarter!

The Smart Option Student Loan® offers three repayment options and competitive interest rates to help you pay for college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans.


There are times you may need more money than you have on hand. Perhaps you want to make a large purchase or need a helping hand to overcome a short-term financial hurdle. Whatever the reason, WFDCU offers affordable personal loan products to fit every budget.



● Overdraft Protection

● Notary Services
● Telephone Banking Service
● Direct Deposit

● VISA Accounts
● Liberty Checks




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